How to open ePub

What’s ePub?

EPUB (abbreviation for Electronic Publication) is a specific standard for digital file format called e-books.

Windows / MAC

For view the ePub in your Windows, Linux or OS X (Apple) computer you need to install one of the following software:

  1. FBReader -
  2. Adobe Digital Editions -
  3. ePub Reader Plugin Firefox -

After installing one of those, you should access the journal’s website in, and to click on the journal’s cover for downloading the ePub file. After that, open up the file through the installed software.

iPod, iPhone and iPad

For opening ePub format on theses devices you need to install the iBooks app provided by Apple. By clicking on the link for downloading the Safari browser will show a dialog box asking where to open the file, click on “Open on iBooks”.

You can get the iBook for free from Apple App Store.


For reading the ePub format on your Android smartphone or tablet you need to download an app, such as Aldiko or FBReader (for free) through the Android Market. After installing you should connect the device to a computer, downloading the ePub file and send it to the Android device. So, execute the app and find the ePub file sent by the computer.


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